Diversity and Multiculturalism Committee

Committee Mission

The role of this committee is to identify positive measures for developing and sustaining an inclusive and productive environment for all members on the Physics Department, including undergraduate and graduate students, staff, research associates, instructors, and faculty independent of gender, race, ethnicity, socio-economic class, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, and physical ability. The committee will then formulate specific proposals to recommend to the Department Head for implementation by this committee or other departmental committees, if appropriate.

Committee Members

  • Elena Dormidontova, Associate Professor, Chair of the Committee (elena [at] uconn.edu)
  • Gayanath Fernando, Professor (gayanath.fernando [at] uconn.edu)
  • Menka Jain, Associate Professor (menka.jain [at] uconn.edu)
  • Dave Perry, Staff (dave.perry [at] uconn.edu)
  • Peter Schweitzer, Associate Professor (peter.schweitzer [at] uconn.edu)
  • Diego Valente, Assistant Professor in Residence (diego.valente [at] uconn.edu)
  • Belter Ordaz, Assistant Professor in Residence (belter.ordaz [at] uconn.edu)
  • Jonathan Trump, Assistant Professor (jonathan.trump [at] uconn.edu)
  • Gloria Fonseca Alvarez , Graduate Student (gloria.fonseca_alvarez [at] conn.edu)
  • Aditi Mahabir, Graduate Student (aditi.mahabir [at] uconn.edu)
  • Megan Sturm, Undergraduate Student (megan.sturm [at] uconn.edu)
  • Veronica Fisher, Undergraduate Student (veronica.fisher [at] uconn.edu)
  • Kaylee Grace, Undergraduate Student (kaylee.grace [at] uconn.edu)