Undergraduate Program

The Physics Major curriculum at the University of Connecticut begins with a two-year Introductory Physics sequence especially designed for students intending to select physics as a major. To date, the Physics Department has 166 undergraduates enrolled in the physics program. It also includes courses in Mechanics, Electromagnetism, Quantum Mechanics, Thermodynamics, and Optics. Laboratory instruction parallels courses that develop the formal theory; courses in Mathematics also are essential components of the undergraduate Physics Major curriculum. A detailed description of course offerings and degree requirements appears in the University’s General Catalog. Physics classes for Physics Majors are small, and opportunities for unstructured, informal discussions with faculty are readily available. Exceptional students can participate in the University’s Honor Program, and are encouraged to engage in independent study, often as participants in ongoing research projects. Undergraduates whose academic records warrant enrollment in introductory graduate courses in their senior year, are able to choose that option.

There are many potential rewards for students with diverse interests and career objectives, or with still indefinite career objectives, in studying Physics. The Physics Faculty of the University of Connecticut invites prospective students, interested in majoring in Physics, to schedule a visit to our Department to investigate whether we can serve his or her educational needs.