Vasili Kharchenko


Department of Physics

Research Interests

  • Quantum Theory of Atomic Collisions
  • Non-equilibrium processes in Atmospheric Physics
  • Excitons and Auger Processes in Quantum Nano-Particles
  • Charge-Exchange X-ray Emission in Astrophysical Environment
  • Nano-particles and Nucleation of New Phase in Cold Gases
  • Charge- Exchange Processes involving Nano-particles


  • D.Sc., Physics, Ioffe Phys.-Tech. Institute, Leningrad, 1988
  • Ph.D., Theoretical Physics, Ioffe Phys.-Tech. Institute, Leningrad, 1977
  • M.S., Nuclear Physics, Leningrad Polytechnic Institute, 1974


  • 2008-present: Professor, Department of Physics, University of Connecticut
  • 2018-present: member of ITAMP scientific Board (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)
  • 1997-2018: Physicist, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
  • 1978-1996: Professor, St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Russia


  • 1999 – Smithsonian Institution Special Act Award for an outstanding contribution to work of AMP Division at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
  • 2015 – Fellow of American Physical Society. Citation: For contributions to the theory of non-equilibrium processes in classical and quantum gases, including energy and charge relaxations collisions of atoms and molecules and charge-exchange X-ray emissions in astrophysical environments

Selected Publications (Citation counts from Google Scholar on 1/14/2023)

  1. “Breaking the phonon bottleneck in nanometer quantum dots: Role of Auger-like processes”, AL Efros, VA Kharchenko, M Rosen, Solid State Communications 93 (4), 281-284 (1995), cited: 551
  2. “Auger ionization of semiconductor quantum drops in a glass matrix”, DI Chepic, AL Efros, AI Ekimov, MG Ivanov, VA Kharchenko, Journal of Luminescence 47 (3), 113-127 (1990), cited: 470
  3. “Mesoscopic molecular ions in Bose-Einstein condensates”, R Cote, V Kharchenko, MD Lukin, Physical Review Letters 89 (9), 093001 (2002), cited: 200
  4. “Complex scattering lengths in multi-channel atom–molecule collisions”, N Balakrishnan, V Kharchenko, RC Forrey, A Dalgarno, Chemical Physics Letters 280 (1-2), 5-9 (1997), cited: 172
  5. “Chandra observations of the ‘dark’ Moon and geocoronal solar wind charge transfer”, BJ Wargelin, M Markevitch, M Juda, V Kharchenko, R Edgar, A Dalgarno, The Astrophysical Journal 607 (1), 596 (2007), cited: 148
  6. “Auger relaxation processes in semiconductor nanocrystals and quantum wells”, VA Kharchenko, M Rosen, Journal of Luminescence 70 (1-6), 158-169 (1996), cited: 117
  7. “Circadian kinetics of cell cycle progression in adult neurogenic niches of a diurnal vertebrate”, V Akle, AJ Stankiewicz, V Kharchenko, L Yu, et al., Journal of Neuroscience 37 (7), 1900-1909 (2017), cited: 33


Recent Publications

  1. “Kinetics and nucleation dynamics in ion-seeded atomic clusters”, MG Rozman, M Bredice, J Smucker, HR Sadeghpour, D Vrinceanu, R Côté, V Kharchenko, Physical Review A 105 (2), 022807 (2022)
  2. “Model of charge transfer collisions between C60 and slow ions”, J Smucker, JA Montgomery, M Bredice, MG Rozman, R. Côté, HR Sadeghpour, D Vrinceanu, V Kharchenko, Journal of Chemical Physics, 157 (5), 054303 (2022)
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