Andrew James Ruehe Puckett

Associate Professor


Research Interests

Experimental nuclear/particle/hadronic physics; study of the internal structure and dynamics of strongly interacting matter in medium-energy fixed-target electron scattering experiments; imaging of the internal quark structure of protons, neutrons and nuclei in both coordinate and momentum space to reveal how the structure and dynamics of strongly interacting matter emerge from interactions among its elementary quark and gluon constituents, governed by Quantum Chromodynamics.

CV, biosketch, publications


  • Ph.D., Physics, MIT, 2010
  • B.Sc., Physics, University of Virginia, 2004


  • 2019-present: Associate Professor, Department of Physics, University of Connecticut
  • 2013-2019: Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, University of Connecticut
  • 2012-2013: Staff Scientist, Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (Jefferson Lab)
  • 2009-2011: Director’s Postdoctoral Fellow, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Professional Societies

  • American Physical Society
    • Division of Nuclear Physics
    • Topical Group on Hadronic Physics
  • American Association of University Professors


  • Jefferson Lab Hall A
    • Super BigBite Spectrometer (SBS)
  • Jefferson Lab Hall C

Approved JLab Experiments as Spokesperson

  • E12-09-018: Semi-Inclusive Deep Inelastic Scattering on a Transversely Polarized Helium-3 Target (Proposal)
    • 64 beam-days, Hall A, “A-” scientific rating.
  • E12-07-109: Proton electromagnetic form factor ratio to Q2= 12 GeV2 by polarization transfer (Proposal)
    • 45 beam-days, Hall A, “A-” scientific rating. Deemed “High Impact” experiment by JLab PAC41
  • E12-20-008: Polarization Transfer in Wide-Angle Charged Pion Photoproduction (PAC48 presentation)
    • 2 beam-days, Hall A, “B+” scientific rating.

Other JLab Experiments With Major Involvement of My Group

  • E12-09-019: Measurement of the neutron magnetic form factor to Q2= 13.5 GeV2 using the ratio method (Proposal)
    • 25 beam-days, “B+” scientific rating.
  • E12-17-004: Measurement of the neutron electric form factor to Q2= 4.5 GeV2 via recoil polarization (Proposal)
    • 5 beam-days, “A-” scientific rating
  • E12-09-016: Measurement of the neutron electric/magnetic form factor ratio to Q2= 10.2 GeVusing a polarized Helium-3 target (Proposal)
    • 50 beam-days, “A-” scientific rating.
  • E12-15-006: Measurement of tagged Deep-Inelastic Scattering (Proposal)
    • 27 beam-days, Conditionally approved, “A-” scientific rating
Contact Information
(860) 486-6060
Mailing AddressDepartment of Physics, University of Connecticut. Gant South. 196 Auditorium Road, Unit 3046. Storrs, CT 06269-3046
Office LocationGant South 409 (Office), Gant South 421 (Lab)