Learning Resource Center

The Physics Learning Resource Center (PLRC) is the place to go for all things physics. Questions about your homework assignment? Want a fresh take on concepts related to your physics class? The PLRC is the place for you.

PLRC  is located in room P-302A Physics Building.

PLRC Schedule

9am-10am Lukasz Kuna Lukasz Kuna Lukasz Kuna
Yijue Wang
10am-11am Lukasz Kuna
Lukasz Kuna Jonathan Smucker
11am-12pm Hugo Panzo Asanka Amarasinghe Bahareh Mahrou Phillip Price Jonathan Smucker
12pm-1pm Chris Coger
Jonathan Hudson J.Smucker,
J. Hudson

1pm-2pm Asanka Amarasinghe Asanka Amarasinghe Jonathan Hudson Y. Gong,
J. Hudson
Sazid Ahmed
2pm-3pm Asanka Amarasinghe Asanka Amarasinghe S. Bastami,
J. Hudson
J. Hudson

3pm-4pm Harish Krishnamurthi
Jonathan Hudson J.Smucker,

4pm-5pm Gang Yao
Jonathan Hudson A. Amin,
J. Hudson

5pm-6pm Jonathan Smucker Jonathan Smucker Jonathan Smucker J.Smucker,
J. Hudson
Jonathan Smucker

The PLRC can be your academic safety net: We’ll provide you the best support we can; you just have to show up ready to think. It is staffed by experienced physics grad students and it is completely free of charge. This is a service provided by the physics department solely for your educational benefit.

General Information

  • The PLRC is located in P-302A, in the Physics Building.
  • The PLRC gets abundant WiFi signal from the UCONN-SECURE network. If you are bringing a laptop, make sure you know how to connect to the secure campus WiFi .
  • If you have any questions about the PLRC, or to schedule an appointment outside of the usual hours, please contact the PLRC coordinator, Ann Marie Carroll.
  • The PLRC schedule may change over the course of the semester.

Please note that the graduate students who staff the PLRC are not there to do your homework for you; they are there to answer specific questions and guide you through your homework.