Learning Resource Center

The PLRC hosts Fall 2017 physics tutoring sessions starting the week of Sept 11.

The Physics Learning Resource Center (PLRC) is the place to go for all things physics.
Questions about your homework assignment? Want a fresh take on concepts related to your physics class?
The PLRC is the place for you.

PLRC  is located in room P-302A Physics Building.

PLRC Schedule

9-10am Jamie Shaw

10-11am Jamie Shaw

Jamie Shaw
11-12pm Jamie Shaw

Andrew Meguerdichian Jamie Shaw

Zhe Wang Phillip Price
1-2pm Jonathan Hudson Hari Sharma Jonathan Hudson Jonathan Hudson Sazid Ahmed
2-3pm Jonathan Hudson James McIntyre Jonathan Hudson Jonathan Hudson
3-4pm Jonathan Hudson Kyle Hunte Jonathan Hudson Jonathan Hudson
Yanping Gong
Jonathan Hudson

Gang Yao

The PLRC can be your academic safety net: We’ll provide you the best support we can; you just have to show up ready to think. It is staffed by experienced physics grad students and it is completely free of charge. This is a service provided by the physics department solely for your educational benefit.

General Information

  • The PLRC is located in P-302A, in the Physics Building.
  • The PLRC gets abundant WiFi signal from the UCONN-SECURE network. If you are bringing a laptop, make sure you know how to connect to the secure campus WiFi .
  • If you have any questions about the PLRC, or to schedule an appointment outside of the usual hours, please contact the PLRC coordinator, Ann Marie Carroll.
  • The PLRC schedule may change over the course of the semester. You can always find the most up-to-date schedule posted on the PLRC door.

Please note that the graduate students who staff the PLRC are not there to do your homework for you; they are there to answer specific questions and guide you through your homework.