Douglas Hamilton

Research Interests

Professor Hamilton studies the optical properties of ions that are doped into solid-state host crystals and glasses.  He uses laser techniques such as two-photon absorption and Raman scattering to investigate the role of temperature, host composition and environmental properties on the optical characteristics of these materials.



  • Ph.D., Physics, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1976
  • B.A., Physics, University of Colorado, 1971


  • 2011-2013: Interim Head, Department of Physics, University of Connecticut
  • 2009-2010: Interim Vice Provost, University of Connecticut
  • 2006-2011: Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, University of Connecticut
  • 1979-present: Professor, Department of Physics, University of Connecticut
  • 1977-1979: Research Associate, Physics and Electrical Engineering, University of Southern California, Los Angeles