CT Science Fair

The Connecticut Science & Engineering Fair is a yearly, statewide science and engineering fair open to all 7th through 12th grade students residing, or enrolled, in Connecticut schools. An important objective of the program is to attract young people to careers in science and engineering while developing skills essential to critical thinking. Through science fair participation, students are encouraged to pursue independent work using proper research methods.



CT Invention Convention

Staff of the Physics Department participate in this event as mentors and judges. The CT Invention Convention is an award winning, internationally recognized, 501 (c)(3) educational organization. The program is open to K-8 students statewide, an is designed to develop, encourage and enhance critical thinking skills through invention, innovation and entrepreneurship.


The inaugural Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics Festival competition held in May for CT high school students. STEM Fest is sponsored by UConn departments of math, physics, biology and the Institute of Materials Science. It is a self-contained, day-long sequence of hands-on events for high school students to compete and be judged using their skills, which are part of the Common Core standards.


This exciting program for students entering 5th through 1pth grades includes 5-morning modules from 9-12 in hands-on archaeology, astronomy, chemistry, junior engineering, iMovie making, microbiology and physics, and a three-day module in marine science. A different module can be taken each week.

Students have opportunities to explore areas of science that they may not ordinarily study in the classroom. Taught in fully equipped laboratories or in the fields at the UConn Storrs campus, each project, demonstration and experiment have been carefully selected with safety in mind. The focus of each module is on “learning by doing” in a relaxed, non-competitive atmosphere.