Past Doctoral Defenses

AY 2012-2013

Liang Dong, May 16, 2013, THESIS TITLE: “First Principles Study of Band Offsets and Band Bending of InxGa1-xN/GaN and Zn1-xBexO/ZnO Heterostructures and Quantum Wells”

Jayita Banerjee, May 3, 2013, THESIS TITLE: “Ultracold Heteronuclear KRb Molecules: Production of the Lowest Vibrational Levels of the Ground State and Spectroscopy of the Excited States”

Michael Bellos, April 25, 2013, THESIS TITLE: “Short-Range Photoassociation and Trilobite-Like States of Ultracold Rb2

Ilkyoung Shin, March 29, 2013, THESIS TITLE: “Multipass Beam Breakup Study at Jefferson Lab for the 12 GeV CEBAF Upgrade”

Sandipan Banerjee, March 19, 2013, THESIS TITLE: “Electronic Structure Calculations and Properties of Alkaline-Earth Molecular Ions”

Jason Byrd, March 5, 2013, THESIS TITLE: “Chemistry of Alkali Clusters”

Ilamaran Sivarajah, December 14, 2012, THESIS TITLE: “Studies of Sympathetic Cooling of Na+ Ions by Ultracold Neutral Na Atoms”

Wesley Gohn, August 24, 2012, THESIS TITLE: “Probing the Proton’s Quark Dynamics in Semi-Inclusive Pion Electroproduction”

Igor Senderovich, August 13, 2012, THESIS TITLE: “A Polarized High-Energy Photon Beam for Production of Exotic Mesons”

David Cox, August 1, 2012, THESIS TITLE: “Quantum Stabilization of General-Relativistic Variable-Density Degenerate Stars”

AY 2011-2012

Otim Odong, May 3, 2012, THESIS TITLE: “Theory of Two Distinguishable Atoms in an Optical Lattice”

Nikolay Markov, May 3, 2012, THESIS TITLE: “Single pi0 Electroproduction of the Proton in the Resonance Region with CLAS”

Cesim Dumlu, May 1, 2012, THESIS TITLE: “Schwinger Effect in Time Dependent Electric Fields”

Drew Chieda, April 13, 2012, THESIS TITLE: “Bichromatic Slowing of Metastable Helium”

Shaozhen Ma, April 12, 2012, THESIS TITLE: “High Speed All Optical Signal Processing Using Ultrafast Devices and Nonlinear Fibers”

Ionel Simbotin, January 11, 2012, THESIS TITLE: “Ultracold Collisions for Atom-Diatom Systems with a Reaction Barrier”

Renuka Rajapakse, December 12, 2011, THESIS TITLE: “Optical Coherent Coupling of Matter and Photons”

AY 2010-2011

Nolan Samboy, August 11, 2011, THESIS TITLE: “Long-Range Interactions Between Ultracold Rydberg Atoms and the Formation Properties of Long-Range Rydberg Molecules”

Zoran Pavlovic, July 28, 2011, THESIS TITLE: “Dipolar Collisions in Cooling and Trapping of Paramagnetic Atoms”

J.C. Sanders, July 14, 2011, THESIS TITLE: “Two-Channel Theory for Two Bosons in an Optical Lattice”

Gokce Basar, April 28, 2011, THESIS TITLE: “Thermodynamics of Gross-Neveu Models”

Tolga Altinoluk, April 22, 2011, THESIS TITLE: “High Energy Evolution: From JIMWLK/KLWMIJ to QCD Reggeon Field Theory”

James Zickefoose, December 17, 2010, THESIS TITLE: 12C + 12C Fusion: Measurements and Advances Towards the Gamow Energy”

Samuel Emery, December 10, 2010, THESIS TITLE: “Aspects of Phase Separation in Transition Metal Oxides”

Yuefeng Nie, December 9, 2010, THESIS TITLE: “Superconductivity of FeTeOx Films”

Yuan Zhao, December 3, 2010, THESIS TITLE: “Studies of Magnetic Nanostructure for Spintronics Application”

Zhe Chen, November 3, 2010, THESIS TITLE: “Multi-Wavelength Laser Operation and Pulse Propagation Using Nonlinear Fibers”

Hyewon Kim Pechkis, October 7, 2010, THESIS TITLE: “Ultracold Rb2 Molecules: Formation, Detection and Trapping in an Optical Dipole Trap”

Ting-Yu Huang, October 7, 2010, THESIS TITLE: “Inhomogeneities in the (V1-xCrx)2O3  system”

Joseph Pechkis, October 5, 2010, THESIS TITLE: “Coherent Control of Trap-Loss Collisions and Molecule Formation with Frequency-Chirped Light”

AY 2009-2010

David Tong, August 18, 2010, THESIS TITLE: “Long-Range Interactions in an Ultracold Rubidium Rydberg Gas”

Donald Anthony Telesca, July 30, 2010, THESIS TITLE: “Local Electronic Structure of Magnetic and Superconducting Thin Films”

James G. O’Brien, July 12, 2010, THESIS TITLE: “Applications of Standard and Conformal Gravity”

Chaminda Kalum Palandage, June 25, 2010, THESIS TITLE: “Electronic and Thermal Studies of Hubbard Clusters and Semiconductors: Exact and First Principles Methods”

Kuang He, June 11, 2010, THESIS TITLE: “Modeling and Imaging Elastic Waves in Heterogeneous Media”

Marko Gacesa, June 9, 2010, THESIS TITLE: “Elastic and Inelastic Collisions in Ultracold and Astrophysical Environments”

Ran Zhou, June 4, 2010, THESIS TITLE: “Electromagnetic Splittings of Low Lying Hadrons and Light Quark Masses in 2 + 1 Flavor QCD + QED”

Bradley Moser, May 14, 2010, THESIS TITLE: “Controlled Excitation of the Hydrogen Molecular Ion via Intense Laser Pulses”

Adolfo Huet, May 4, 2010, THESIS TITLE: “Mass Dependence of the Effective Action in Gauge Theories”

Javier Peressutti, December 16, 2009, THESIS TITLE: “High Energy Evolution of Hadronic States”

Saumitra Chowdhury, August 25, 2009, THESIS TITLE: “Lattice Calculation of the Hadronic Light-by-Light Contribution to the Anomalous Magnetic Dipole Moment of Muon”

AY 2008-2009

Uttam Shresthra, July 17, 2009, THESIS TITLE: “Non-Equilibrium Dynamics of a Bose-Einstein Condensate in an Optical Lattice”

Lu Zhao, July 17, 2009, THESIS TITLE: “Coherent Manipulation of Photons and Electrons”

Li Fang, July 9, 2009, THESIS TITLE: “Strong-Field Induced Vibrational Coherence in Hot Iodine Molecules”

Bo Zhao, December 5, 2008, THESIS TITLE: “Beam Spin Asymmetry Measurements from Deeply Virtual Eta Productions”

Changkun Xie, October 22, 2008, THESIS TITLE: “Magnetism of Perovskite Oxides: The Effect of Strain and Phase Separation”

AY 2007-2008

Timothy Spillane, August 19, 2008, THESIS TITLE: “Study of the Fusion Reaction 12C + 12C towards the Gamow Energy”

Andrew Carmichael, July 24, 2008, THESIS TITLE: “Heisenberg Picture Mean Field Model for Magneto-Association of a Quantum Degenerate Bose Gas Close to a Feshbach Resonance”

Kenneth Miller, April 30, 2008, THESIS TITLE: “Collisions of Highly-Charged Solar Wind Ions with CO”

Poorani Shanthakumar, March 18, 2008, THESIS TITLE: “Study of the Phase Separation as Related to the Metal-Insulator Transition in Chromium Doped V2O3

Hongzhi Sun, February 27, 2008, THESIS TITLE: “High Speed All-Optical Data Processing in Fast Semiconductor and Optical Fiber Based Devices”

Hong Cong, December 14, 2007, THESIS TITLE: “Development of Ultrafast Laser Systems with Applications to Carotenoids in Photosynthetic Energy Transfer”

Erik M. Kubik, September 26, 2007, THESIS TITLE: “The Interaction of Dirac Particles with a Hawking Charged Radiating Black Hole”

Jovica Stanojevic, September 21, 2007, THESIS TITLE: “Effects of Strong Interactions in Ultracold Rydberg Gases”