Recent Doctoral Defenses

AY 2015-2016

Shoroog Alraddadi, January 6, 2016, THESIS TITLE: “Transport and Magnetic Properties of Ultrathin Magnetite Films Grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy”

Ryan Carollo, December 4, 2015, THESIS TITLE: “Spectroscopy of Quasibound and Long-Range Rydberg States of Ultracold 85Rb2”

Zhihai Zhu, December 3, 2015, THESIS TITLE: “Electronic Structure and Phase Separation of Transition Metal Oxides”

Wenbo Li, November 16, 2015, THESIS TITLE: “High Speed all Optical Switching and Encryption Using Ultrafast Devices”

AY 2014-2015

Nathan Harrison, August 27, 2015, THESIS TITLE: “Exploring the Structure of the Proton via Semi-inclusive Pion Electroproduction”

Douglas Goodman, July 30, 2015, THESIS TITLE: “Scattering and Sympathetic Cooling within an Ion-Neutral Hybrid Trap”

Charles Rogers III, June 3, 2015, THESIS TITLE: “Sub-ten Nanosecond Laser Pulse Shaping Using Lithium Niobate Modulators and a Double-pass Tapered Amplifier”

Jennifer Carini, April 17, 2015, THESIS TITLE: “Production of Ultracold Molecules with Chirped Nanosecond-Timescale Pulses”

Marco Ascoli, April 8, 2015, THESIS TITLE: “Spectroscopy of States with Ion-Pair Character Near Rb(5s) + Rb(4d)”

Elie Wolfe, July 29, 2014, THESIS TITLE: “Quantum Apices: Identifying Limits of Entanglement, Nonlocality & Contextuality”

Vincent Tagliamonti, July 2, 2014, THESIS TITLE: “Molecular Dynamics in Diatomic Molecules with One-and Two-Color Ultrafast Laser Pulses”

Nicholas Lewkow, June 30, 2014, THESIS TITLE: “Scattering of Particles and Radiation in Astrophysical Environments”

Kun Fang, June 24, 2014, THESIS TITLE: “Studies of Electronic Inhomogeneities in Strongly Correlated Systems Using Quantum Cluster Methods”

AY 2013-2014

Lahiru Narangammana, May 23, 2014, THESIS TITLE: “Structural and Magnetic Properties of Superconducting FeTeOx Films”

Han Chen, May 9, 2014, THESIS TITLE: “Optimal Measurement Precision with a Nonlinear Interferometer”

Hui Chen, February 27, 2014, THESIS TITLE: “Molecular Ionization from the Ground and Excited States of I2 by Intense Laser Fields”

Robert D. Fischetti, January 20, 2014, THESIS TITLE: “Neutron Interference in the Gravitational Field of a Ring Laser”

Fahad Alhashmi Alamer, November 11, 2013, THESIS TITLE: “Utilizing Diffusion and Temperature as a Means of Band-Gap Modulation for Conjugated Polymers”

Taisiya Mineeva, October 21, 2013, “THESIS TITLE: “Hardonization Studies via Neutral Pion Electroproduction of D, C, Fe and Pb”

Erin Seder, September 27, 2013, THESIS TITLE: “Target Spin Asymmetry Measurements for Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering on Longitudinally Polarized Protons”

William R. Zimmerman, August 30, 2013, THESIS TITLE: “Direct Observation of the Second Jπ = 2+ State in 12C”

Franz Rueckert, August 2, 2013, THESIS TITLE: “Magnetic Phase Separation and Ordering in SrCoOx

Margo Staruch, July 22, 2013, THESIS TITLE: “Magnetotransport and Multiferroic Properties of Perovskite Rare-Earth Manganites”